Notes Edit

  • Thomas Stories told by Alec Baldwin
  • From Britt Allcroft and Studio Ghibli
  • This film will be made by Hiatt Grey

Thomas Stories Edit

  1. Busy Going Backwards
  2. Rusty and the Boulder
  3. Double Teething Troubles
  4. Gordon Takes a Tumble

Quotes Edit

Quote 1

  • Mr. Conductor: Sheeta, do you wan't me to tell you and Pazu about Toad?
  • Sheeta: Okay, but who is Toad?
  • Mr. Conductor: He is a breakvan. Who is alway's wanted to go forwards.
  • Pazu: We'll sounds go to me. Please tell us.
  • Mr. Conductor: I will. (He blows the whistle and Busy Going Backwards begins)

Quote 2

  • Sheeta: Wow! That was a nice story Mr. C.
  • Mr. Condcutor: Thank you, but I'm glad that Toad has learn his lesson of going forwards. I'll see you later. (He disappears)

Quote 3

  • Mr. Conductor: [appears] Hello guys, what happen?
  • Pazu: We where chased by pirates, the army, and a guy with dark glasses, Mr. C.
  • Mr. Conductor: Pirates, the army and a guy with black glasses? Hmm. We'll that does remind me, about Rusty and the runaway boulder.
  • Pazu: Who is Rusty?
  • Mr. Conductor: He is a little diesel engine Pazu.
  • Sheeta: Did the boulder chase poor little Rusty?
  • Mr. Conductor: It did. And worst of all, It was alive! Well let me tell you about it (He blows the whistle and Rusty and the Boulder begins)

Quote 5 (After the story)

  • Sheeta: Well, I'm glad it wasn't a boulder that was chasing us.

Quote 5

  • Dola: Will you shut up?! Ah, what can I tell ya? They just really like desert.
  • Mr. Conductor: Well, I hope they don't get into trouble. Just like what happen to Bill, Ben and that diesel. (He blows the whistle and Double Teething Troubles begins)

Quote 6 (After the story)

  • Dola: Well, I don't wanna end up like a diesel.

Quote 7

  • Mr. Conductor: Lets hurry! Or Sheeta will end up like Gordon.
  • Pazu: What are you talking about, Mr. C?
  • Mr. Conductor: Gordon the big engine, of course. I'll tell you what happen to him. (He blows the whistle and Gordon Takes a Tumble begins)

Quote 8 (After the story)

  • Pazu: Nice story, Mr. C, but now we have to rescue Sheeta.
  • Mr. Condudctor: Right, let's do it!