Mr. Conductor Vists Camp Lazlo is a crossover series like any other Mr. Conductor's Adventures series. Featuring George Carlin as Mr. Conductor. Each 11-Minute episode will have 1 Thomas Story. Only Thomas Stories from Seasons 1-6 may be used. No Stories from Seasons 7-present allowed

Episode 1: Gone Fishin' (sort of)/Beans are from MarsEdit


  • Thomas Stories told by George Carlin

Thomas StoriesEdit

  1. Thomas Goes Fishing (Gone Fishin [sort of])
  2. Thomas, Percy and the Dragon (Beans are from Mars)


  • Mr. Conductor: Patsy, what you saw wasn't the fact Lazlo and the others are aliens.
  • Patsy: I saw it with my own eyes. They were glowing!
  • Mr. Conductor: You know, I think you've just started to sound like Percy. He thought he saw a dragon but the others didn't believe him.
  • Nina: Who's Percy?
  • Gretchen: Is he an alien or some other creature too?
  • Mr. Conductor: Well, he's a steam engine, but his encounter with what he saw is quite a story. I'll tell you all about it. (blows whistle and "Thomas, Percy and the Dragon" begins)


Episode 2:????Edit