Mr. Conductor Meets Olivia is another upcoming series crossover

It features Thomas episodes from Season 1-4. No stories from Season 5-6 will be used.

1. Olivia Measures Up/Olivia Plays Hotel

1. Thomas Gets Tricked (Olivia Measures Up)

2. Gordon & The Famous Visitor (Olivia plays Hotel)

Note: Thomas Gets Tricked is restored.

Note: Gordon and the Famous Visitor is taken from Thomas Gets Bumped and Other Stories.

2. Olivia's Ice Spectacular/Olivia's Snow Day

1. Special Funnel (Olivia's Ice Spectacular)

2. Terence The Tractor (Olivia's Snow Day)

Special Funnel is taken from Thomas Meets The Queen & Other Stories

Terence The Tractor is taken from Thomas' Christmas Party & Other Favorite Stories

3. Olivia Makes Magic/Olivia and the School Concert

1. All At Sea (Olivia Makes Magic)

2. Better Late Than Never (Olivia and the School Concert)

All At Sea is taken from Percy's Ghostly Trick and Other Thomas Stories

Better Late Than Never is taken from Thomas & His Friends Get Along

4. Olivia Visits the Aquarium/Olivia Goes International

1. A Bad Day For Sir Handel (Olivia Visits the Aquarium)

2.  Rusty Helps Peter Sam(Olivia Goes International)

A Bad Day For Sir Handel and Rusty Helps Peter Sam is taken from Rusty To The Rescue & Other Stories DVD

2. Teacher of the Year/Olivia and the Talent Show